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Berlenga is an island situated 11km before Peniche, comprising a group of the small island Farilhões, Estelas and Forcadas, named archipelago of Berlengas. It is about 1500m in lenght, 800m wide and 85m of altitude. The Berlenga are formed by rose coloured granite, whilst all island are constituid by schits and gneiss.

The surround seas are plenty of fish and the polichromy of their varied faune is a marvelous scenery which can be seen through the calm and clear waters and so impressive they are that it seems a work of some painter. The embroideries the falesias of many grottos, full of beauty and color call the special attention of the visitor.

The Furado Grande that cross all the island ends on an immense bay coverred by a huge vault know as Cova do Sonho, a true masterpiece of nature.

All the island is a fascination and the small beach of Carreiro do Mosteiro, is always a dazzling place of enduring freshness...

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